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Ficha da Oferta de Emprego

Data Science Consultant position at Lisbon

Management Solutions - Consultoria / Assessoria / Auditoria

ManagementSolutions is a leading business consulting Firm whose core mission is to deliver business, risk, financial, organisation and process-related advisory services, targeted at both functional aspects and the implementation of related technologies, focusing mainly on financial services and on the energy and telecommunications industries.

ManagementSolutions stands out for its high level of industry and functional specialisation. In order to better service its clients, ManagementSolutions structures all its practices into industry groups and business lines covering a wide range of competencies.

ManagementSolutions develops operations across 23 offices, 11 in Europe, 11 in America and 1 in Asia, with a multidisciplinary team of more than 1.700 professionals.

Position Description
Our consultants have the opportunity to develop personally and professionally integrating in teams in projects relating to Strategy, Sales and Marketing Management, Risk Management and Control, Management and Financial Information, Organisation and Processes, Applied technology.
We offer the possibility to join a Firm that offers you everything necessary to develop your potential to the full, by working:
• in some of the most relevant consulting projects in the industry,
• for the largest companies, leaders of their respective markets,
• side by side with the industry's top management as they tackle local and global projects,
• as part of an extraordinary team of professionals, whose values and corporate culture are a benchmark for the industry.
ManagementSolutions provides a clearly defined career plan where professionals are promoted solely on the basis of their own merit. Furthermore, ManagementSolutions continues to be partnership-based management, offering each of the Firm's professionals the goal of forming part of the group of partners.
Our consultants have a wide range of training options available to them throughout their professional career. We offer our people the best opportunities to improve their knowledge and skills through our training courses, certified programmes for each professional field and specific seminars to develop particular competencies.
For more information visit our website:

Data Science Consultant position at Lisbon (Consultoria)
5 Ofertas

Lisboa (Localização Lisboa)


Estudos mínimos Mestrado
Requisitos mínimos Required qualifications

• Final year students or recent graduates in a discipline relating to Mathematics / Statistics/ Actuarial Science / Physics. MSc in data science or related a plus.
• Knowledge of the financial industry, credit risk, scoring models, risk rating.
• Knowledge of SAS, SPSS, R, Python and/or SQL programming.
• Machine learning and statistical modelling skills: logit, GLM, time series models, decision trees, clustering, random forests, neural networks, etc.
• Mature attitude and hard working.
• Integrates easily into multidisciplinary teams.
• Willing to travel.

Desired skills
• Good level of English.
• Fluency in additional languages (especially, Spanish, Portuguese, Mandarin Chinese and/or German).
• Knowledge of big data platforms or tools (Hadoop, MongoDB, Cassandra, Pig, Hive, etc.).
• Postgraduate studies or specialised courses are an asset.
• Interest/experience in the financial industry.
• Proficiency in the use of MS Office applications.
ManagementSolutions is an equal opportunity employer. We value the diversity of our team members.

We seek people with a robust academic track record who thrive on hard work and desire to excel and learn constantly; people who are dynamic, mature, dependable, and who integrate easily into multidisciplinary teams.
Idiomas Inglês ( Leitura: Nivel avançado / Escrita: Nivel avançado / Conversa: Nivel avançado )
Português ( Leitura: Nivel língua nativa / Escrita: Nivel língua nativa / Conversa: Nivel língua nativa )


Tipo de contrato Contrato sem termo
Duração Indefinido
Horário de trabalho Horário a tempo inteiro
Comentários ao salário (incentivos, comissões) Competitive salary and social benefits (health insurance, excellent holiday package etc.)

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